No longer feel deprived!

“When I first went to Sarah, I instantly felt comfortable, listened to, and seen as an individual. She took great care in getting all the information needed in order to create the best meal plans and nutrition for my body. I no longer feel a slave to deprivation. I feel a sense of control and comfort in this lifestyle shift and it is all thanks to Sarah’s genuine care and expertise.” –Melissa F.


Life-changing experience!

“I have struggled with digestion issues ever since I was a teen, and this has lead to anxiety concerns over the years. My symptoms were not getting better but worsening. I was confused and concerned–almost at a breaking point and afraid I may have a disease of the bowel.

I had attempted to modify my diet, throughout the years but always had symptoms, as I have sensitivities and intolerances to several foods, and it was difficult to fully eliminate certain foods from my overall diet.

Working with Sarah was such a life-changing experience. I will never go back to the way I used to eat or value nutrition. She was impressed with my attempts over the years, but tweaked a few things in my diet, gave me excellent suggestions and recommendations and I currently rarely experience any digestion problems, which has lead to minimized anxiety and improvement in overall health. Sarah has led me on a nutritional path I will follow for the rest of my life to keep the IBS in a dormant state, and I am never looking back! She made it fun and easy to meal plan, gave me new recipes, introduced me to new foods and genuinely cared about my overall well-being.”–Jennifer E.





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